Cedar Ridge Siding at King Quality Construction

It feels good to help the environment, but it also feels good to save money! King Quality Construction can help you do both. We are the exclusive provider of Cedar Ridge Composite Siding in Long Island.  We are proud to distribute this product due to its reputation for quality and its stylish appeal. This siding provides the beautiful look of wood, with half the price and less maintenance!


Cedar Ridge siding can resist warping, rotting and other damage better than other siding. More importantly, Cedar Ridge siding can save you money. The composite siding can save you up to 20% on your energy bills!

How does it work? Cedar Ridge siding is made with Neopor, which helps absorb and radiate heat throughout your home.  The siding is also insulated with molded foam, ensuring that moisture is properly controlled. Cedar Ridge siding is the only siding available that utilizes molded foam to insulate and protect your home.


There are a variety of finishes and colors to choose from. Check out the Cedar Ridge site to pick out your favorite color and style by clicking here!

What’s better than saving money? King Quality Construction offers 0% financing for up to 5 years! We will work with you in order to get you the home that you have always wanted! Payments start as low as $100 a month.

Give us a call today at 631-533-204 with any questions you have! We will schedule a consultation to ensure your project gets done correctly and efficiently. No job is too big or small!


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