Simonton Windows


                At King Quality Construction, we are committed to providing only top-quality materials and services to our customers! That’s why we work with Simonton Windows and offer our exclusive King Quality 9800 Series Window! We wanted to provide our customers with a little bit more information on why Simonton Windows are rated so highly in customer satisfaction.


  • Saving You Money:
    • The 9800 Series Simonton Window comes standard with ProSolar Low E glass with Argon gas. This high-performance glass helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature.
    • CEO of King Quality Construction Jeff Brett comments that “It’s truly a remarkable product. Say it’s 20 degrees outside and 67 degrees inside, these windows are so well designed that the window itself actually retains heat higher than that of the room! The opposite is true for the summer!”
    • How does it work? The smart glass reflects or captures the angle of the sun to keep your home comfortable!
    • Our windows come with a Double-Lifetime Limited Warranty, the best warranty in the business!
  • Keeping You In-Style:
    • King Quality Construction offers a variety of styles including Double Hung Windows, Bay Windows and Garden Windows!
    • Our exclusive line of windows is also available as a patio door or garden door!


If you’re looking for new windows that will look great and save you money, call King Quality Construction at 631-533-5204 and ask us about 0% financing for up to five years!


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