Do you need new siding?

When you own a home, it’s hard to remember what needs to be replaced and when. It’s easy to let maintenance slip your mind when there are so many things to focus on! Ideally, siding should be replaced before there is any significant damage to your home. But, we’ve compiled a list of signs that you might need to replace your siding:


  1. High Heating & Cooling Bills

If your heating or air conditioning bills are suddenly higher than normal, but all other factors remain the same, you may need new siding. Cracks in siding can let air in and cause your home energy costs to go through the roof.


  1. Rotting/Warping

Any rotting or warping to your home’s siding is a definite indication that your siding is due for immediate replacement.


  1. Fungus/Mold/Mildew

If your siding is cracked and water is able leak into your home, this will cause fungus, mold or mildew to occur.  If this is happening to your home, you are due for new siding immediately.

Make sure you work with an experienced contractor when you decide to replace the siding on your home. Know your options and make a couple calls. If you’re located in Long Island or the five Burroughs, call King Quality Construction today at (631)533-5204 and ask us about 0% financing for up to five years!


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