3 Common Misconceptions about Roofing

The roof is one of the most important aspects of your home. It protects your home from harsh weather conditions and leaks, and shields you from the sun. The roof is also a huge investment, and it’s best to keep an eye on it and not wait until you’ve got a leak.


  1. It is ok to cover an existing layer of shingles with a new layer

Although building codes may say this is acceptable, this is not recommended. If you apply a new layer of shingles over an old layer, the old layer is likely to rot  and cause damage.

  1. A maintenance program is a waste of money.

It’s important to maintain the quality of your roof in order to protect your investment, and your home. Additionally, many warranties will not be honored unless proper maintenance is upheld.

  1. No shingles are missing, so there is no damage.

Of course, missing shingles can be a sign of damage but there is more to be concerned about. Damage may be lying beneath the shingles and may not cause noticeable damage for months or years.

If you need to schedule a roof inspection or need a new roof installed, call King Quality Construction today at (631)533-5204 and ask us about 0% financing for up to 5 years!


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