How to Decorate Windows for Halloween!

As Halloween approaches, you may be considering how to best decorate your new Simonton Windows! There are many options to consider when deciding how to decorate your home for this fun holiday; do your home to be super scary or classic and festive? Either way, you’ll want to highlight those beautiful windows on your home!

We’ve put together some amazing ideas to help you celebrate! Check them out and share.


  1. Classically Simple

Keep it simple & place some pumpkins or festive leaves in the window!

  1. Use paper to make a scary shadow

Use paper to cut out a scary shape, such as a spider or ghost! At night time, shine a light on the window to accentuate the shadow!

  1. Hang Halloween lights

Keep it simple & fun with some orang & black lights!

  1. Festive curtains!

Hang some brown, orange, yellow, or black curtains to put your windows in the spirit of Halloween!

If you’re in need of new windows before the weather gets cold, do not hesitate! Call King Quality Construction today at (631)533-5204 and ask us about 0% financing for up to 5 years!


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