How to Prevent Window Condensation

When the cold weather first hits us, we are often unprepared! Window condensation is something that affects many homeowners in the beginning of the cold season. Interior window condensation occurs when there is too much moisture in your home. This can be extremely damaging to your home, causing wood to rot and mold to form. Check out some of our favorite tips to control the window condensation in your home.


  • Control the humidity inside of your home
    • Controlling the humidity inside of your home with a dehumidifier will significantly decrease the amount of window condensation and possibility of damage to your home. Check out your local home improvement store for a good dehumidifier!
  • Open a window to air out house in the beginning of winter
    • When cold weather first strikes, open up a window or two to air out your home and decrease the humidity levels inside.


  • Open drapes and blinds to allow air to circulate against windows
    • Before the temperatures get too freezing, it is a good idea to keep your drapes and blinds open during the day to allow for air to circulate against the windows. This prevents interior condensation!

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