How to Protect your Home from Snow Damage

Whether you dread the snow or cherish it, the inevitable snowfall happens every winter in the Northeast. While snow can be fun to play in, it can cause detrimental damage to your home. Make sure you know what to do to protect your home this winter! Here are some of our favorite tips:


  • Remove excess snow & ice accumulation on your roof.

A roof rake is the best way to remove snow & ice accumulating on your roof. This tool is specifically designed to remove snow & ice and can be bought at most home improvement stores. You do not have to remove all of the snow from the roof, but it is important to remove the snow accumulating closest to your home’s gutters.

  • Remove icicles

Icicles can be very dangerous! Make sure to knock off the bigger icicles, but do not stand directly underneath them while removing them.

  • Watch for water leaks

Water leaks can be a sign of serious damage to your home’s roof or siding. If you see a water leak, call a professional immediately.

If you need a new roof, siding or windows before the snow falls call King Quality Construction today and ask us about 0% financing for up to 5 years!



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