New Homebuyers 0% Financing


So, you’ve just bought your first home! Congratulations! Unless you built your home to your exact specifications, there are likely going to be some changes you’d like to make! Luckily, improvements on your home will improve its value and make you more comfortable in your new home!

Many times, the roof is the first thing you need to replace on your first home. You may consider putting this off, but a roof replacement is not something to ignore. A faulty roof can hide trapped moisture, cause dry rot & leak into your home. There really is no reason to put it off, King Quality Construction can replace a roof in just one day! Read more about our roofing options here.

Another way to improve your new home is to invest in quality siding. We carry the exclusive line of Cedar Ridge Composite Siding, which gives the beautiful look of wood at half the price! What could be better? The color selections! Our exclusive line of composite siding comes in 23 rich, earth colors for you to choose from!


Additionally, investing in new windows can significantly increase the energy efficiency of your home, saving you money! King Quality’s exclusive line of 9800 Series Simonton windows come in a variety of styles. Learn more about our windows here.

Here’s the best part of your home improvement projects, you can get it all at 0% interest for up to 5 years! Call King Quality Construction today at (631)533-5204 and ask us about our financing options!


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