Neopor Siding

Have you heard of Neopor siding? If you haven’t, it may be because Cedar Ridge is the only insulated siding company that uses Neopor.  Like most composite siding, it can be applied over your old siding. Neopor siding can also increase your measure of thermal resistance by up to 19%! But, what is it??


What is Neopor siding?

Neopor is a graphite enhanced EPS foam that helps insulate your home and save you money!


How is it different than traditional siding?

Traditional Siding Neopor Siding
Made of small air pockets High-purity graphite gives it reflective property
Trapped air is a poor conductor of heat Reflects radiant heat over and over
Heating moving from warm to cold is slowed down by the pockets of air. Significantly slows down the transfer of heat.




Want to learn more about your siding options? Check out the amazing siding by Cedar Ridge, available in many beautiful colors here. Are you looking to update the siding on your home? Call King Quality Construction, and ask us about 0% financing for up to 5 years! No equity required!


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