Exterior Spring Cleaning

Do you spring clean your home every year? It’s nice to have things extremely clean, it almost feels like you’re in a brand new house! Why not make the exterior of your home as clean and shiny & as interior? Check out our favorite exterior spring cleaning tips & give them a try for yourself!


Clean your windows until they shine!

Take the screens off of your windows & give them a shine. Remember to clean the screens, storm windows & shutters as well!

-Dust those cobwebs off!

Take a duster and get those cob webs off of your home!

-Pressure wash your siding

If you home’s exterior needs a good cleaning, use a pressure washer to gently clean your home’s siding. If you do not own a pressure washer, you can rent or purchase one at most hardware and home improvement stores.

-Clean your gutters!

You may think you only need to clean your gutters in the Fall, but it’s important to clean them in the spring as well. There may be debris in your gutters from poor winter weather.


Want to update the outside of your home with new siding or windows? Spring is the perfect time to invest in quality improvements to your home. Give us a call and ask us about 0% financing for up to 5 years – no equity required!


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