Tips for Clean Gutters This Fall

August has begun which means fall is around the corner.  It’s important to clean your gutters before winter in order for the water to flow smoothly off and away from your home.  Avoid expensive repairs this summer and fall with our tips.

Beautiful landscaping and healthy grass look great but they’re susceptible to faulty gutters.  A heavy rainstorm with a single broken gutter can wash out mulch and garden beds.  It can also sink your grass which can contribute to uneven watering later on.  Gutters distribute a large amount of water that hits your home so you definitely want to make sure the water is going somewhere that won’t negatively impact your yard.


When you’re preparing to clean the gutters, remember the following:

  • Always have someone hold the ladder while you’re cleaning your gutters. It helps even if the person is your son or daughter.  You don’t need a professional bodybuilder to keep the ladder steady!
  • Installing gutter guards in key areas of your roof will save you time and hassle down the road. Places that will see lots of leaves throughout fall.
  • Use a leaf blower with PVC pipes to clean out your gutters without a ladder. It works incredibly well with dry leafs.
  • Lastly, minimize damage around your property by having the gutter runoff flow over some stones. You’ll minimize erosion to your lawn or garden beds.

These basic tips should keep you safe from any unforeseen circumstance.  Another upside to cleaning your gutters for fall is that they will be ready for winter as well.  They should be able to hold the weight of the snow and safely dispense the water when it melts.  You don’t have to worry about checking them in addition to the numerous winter chores.

If you liked our tips then give our blog a follow and wait for our next update.  In the meantime, if you or a neighbor need siding, windows, or a new roof then you know who to call.  We’re the best home improvement company on Long Island and the Five Burroughs.


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