5 Home Improvement Projects That Will Increase Your Home’s Value

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck.

As a homeowner, you want to make sure you’re doing necessary upkeep to keep your home beautiful and functional. Over the years you’ll have to do some maintenance and repair work, but there are some major home improvement projects that can increase the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

What may seem like a big investment at first will actually end up having a great ROI when you’re able to sell your home for more than what you purchased it for. But remember, it’s important that you hire trained, licensed, and certified professionals to handle home improvements projects, professionals like our team here at King Quality Construction.

5 Home Improvement Project Ideas

  1. Install New Windows: Did you know that the average home loses about 30% of its energy through the windows? So if the windows in your home haven’t been replaced in many years, it’s time to call King Quality Construction. Our energy-efficient windows will help you save money on your monthly bills! And they can stand up to the harsh weather we often have here in Bohemia, NY.
  2. Major Kitchen Remodel: If you often feel cramped and crammed in your kitchen, it’s most likely time for a remodeling project. Adding more cabinets, countertop space, and new floors will be very attractive for new buyers, especially if they love to cook!
  3. Install A New Roof: The condition of your roof is one of the first things potential home buyers will see when they visit your home. If the shingles on your roof are damaged or broken, you probably need roof repair work or a complete replacement. King Quality Construction helps you choose the best roofing products that you can rely on for years to come.
  4. Add A Sunroom: There’s nothing better than spending time outside in the fresh air during the summertime. If you and your family love the idea of eating dinner outside but don’t want to deal with all of the bugs, think about adding a sunroom to your backyard!
  5. Renovate Your Master Suite: Entice buyers with a beautifully renovated master suite that has a lot of storage space, including a nice-sized closet. You can even add new flooring, a fireplace, and more.

King Quality Construction specializes in roofing, windows, and siding. These three home improvement services are just some ways our team can help to improve the look and value of your home. Call us today to learn more!



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