4 Obvious Signs That You Need to Replace Your Siding

Siding is not something that you typically think about on a daily basis (or, we hope it’s not) but it is very important in terms of your home’s foundation and look, and it determines things such as your heating and cooling bills. If you find that you must repeatedly replace your siding every 5-6 years, it could be a sign that you should considering buying a different type of siding that lasts longer and offers proper insulation for your home. Below are four obvious signs that you need to replace your home’s siding.siding

Before heading to your local home improvement store, contact King Quality Construction, Inc. to give you a free estimate on your home and offer you high-quality Cedar Ridge Insulated siding, which is designed to resist fading and damage.

Your Heating and Cooling Bills Are Through the Roof! (or the siding)

You read that right. Your siding may be the cause to those stressful bills you keep getting from your lovely energy company. There could be other factors leading to such high energy bills, such as your insulation, HVAC system and whether or not your spouse is turning up the heat without you knowing – but, your siding may be to blame.

Worn out or broken siding could be causing a draft inside your home that causes all the internal heat or A/C to escape, making it difficult for your heating or cooling system to maintain a comfortable temperature. If you feel a draft in your home or if you’re tired of paying too much for heating and cooling – call King Quality Construction and we can inspect any problem for ourselves, free of charge. We even carry beautiful extra insulated siding materials to reduce noise and lower the energy bills.


Your Siding Is Rotting and Warping

Siding goes through a lot. From those harsh Northern snow storms to summer lightning storms and hurricanes every few years and so many other uncontrollable factors – your siding is bound to suffer some kind of damage. A tell-tale sign that you need to replace your siding is if you see any kind of warping or rotting. This could mean that your siding has waited too long to be replaced and you should call a professional siding company to come and replace it (King Quality Construction Inc: (631) 533-5204.

The Wallpaper Inside Your Home is Falling Off

That wallpaper you installed not too long ago is already clinging on for dear life. That’s right, many don’t think of wallpaper falling off and paint chipping as a tell-tale sign that you need to replace that siding as soon as possible. Damaged and old siding allows moisture to ooze into your walls, causing paint to peel and wallpaper to be unsealed. However, there are other factors that could cause this, such as bad paint, an unprofessional painting or wallpaper job and water damage.

The Color Just Isn’t the Same Anymore

Remember when you first painted your home and it looked so amazing? Yeah, but not anymore. You come home to see a faded and outdated color on your siding. That vibrant blue is now a pale, bland and almost grey color. Well, this could be an obvious sign that your home is due for a siding upgrade. This happens often with old vinyl siding and certain wood siding materials. Call King Quality Construction, Inc. today to learn more about our siding options that are designed to hold color better than ever before.


Tips for Clean Gutters This Fall

August has begun which means fall is around the corner.  It’s important to clean your gutters before winter in order for the water to flow smoothly off and away from your home.  Avoid expensive repairs this summer and fall with our tips.

Beautiful landscaping and healthy grass look great but they’re susceptible to faulty gutters.  A heavy rainstorm with a single broken gutter can wash out mulch and garden beds.  It can also sink your grass which can contribute to uneven watering later on.  Gutters distribute a large amount of water that hits your home so you definitely want to make sure the water is going somewhere that won’t negatively impact your yard.


When you’re preparing to clean the gutters, remember the following:

  • Always have someone hold the ladder while you’re cleaning your gutters. It helps even if the person is your son or daughter.  You don’t need a professional bodybuilder to keep the ladder steady!
  • Installing gutter guards in key areas of your roof will save you time and hassle down the road. Places that will see lots of leaves throughout fall.
  • Use a leaf blower with PVC pipes to clean out your gutters without a ladder. It works incredibly well with dry leafs.
  • Lastly, minimize damage around your property by having the gutter runoff flow over some stones. You’ll minimize erosion to your lawn or garden beds.

These basic tips should keep you safe from any unforeseen circumstance.  Another upside to cleaning your gutters for fall is that they will be ready for winter as well.  They should be able to hold the weight of the snow and safely dispense the water when it melts.  You don’t have to worry about checking them in addition to the numerous winter chores.

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